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You can type search terms into one or more boxes.


For date searches use  >  for “after”; use  <  for “before”; use a colon for a range (1990:1995)


Use the asterisk * for truncation.  The query psycholog* will retrieve records containing the works “psychology”, “psychologists”, “psychological”, etc.

If you type more than one word in a box, the words are searched as a PHRASE unless you separate them with Boolean operators. The query paul monette will not find records where the name appears as Monette, Paul unless you use the AND operator &: paul & monette


Use the OR operator  / for alternatives (synonyms, variant spellings). The query lawyer / attorney will find records containing either of those terms.

Use the NOT operator ! to narrow your search by excluding terms you don't want: psycholog* ! freud* will retrieve records containing terms beginning with "psycholog" but will then exclude records which also contain terms beginning with "freud".




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